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Once you have narrowed your search down to a handful of dishwashers, it is definitely worth reading as many dishwasher reviews as you can. This will help to highlight any major problems or issues with the particular model you are thinking about. Reading through the dishwasher reviews will also help you gauge overall customer satisfaction with the product and whether it was a good value dishwasher.

You can never do enough research when it comes to buying a dishwasher - so do whatever it takes. Buy magazines, read newspapers, search the web, ask friends about their machine - any advice is useful advice.

The last thing you want is a model which doesn't suit your needs, or is just plainly a bad dishwasher - therefore it is imperative that all necessary action is taken in terms of reading through dishwasher reviews.

Reading through as many reviews as possible is also helpful in gaining perspective. IF you only read, for example, 10 reviews, and 2 said "this model is very noisy", your opinion may be swayed. However, after reading 100 reviews, and it turns out they were the only 2 reviewers who thought that, you realise you are in a better informed position to make a decision.

Also, do not let to overly negative or overly positive reviews sway you - these are often rival brands trying to smear each other's reputation, or trying to promote their own dishwashers.

Another key piece of advice is to read reviews from as many sources as possible. Reviews from one website may be biased towards a particular brand (perhaps they have a deal). Looking through multiple sites will help give a broader viewpoint on the model you are considering

In summary, do as much reading and research on dishwasher reviews as possible - be prepared to spend some time doing this. It is important not to make any rash decisions, so think first, and do the research.

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